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Insane narcissist spokeswoman for Black Lives Matter Denmark embarrasses movement in national media, blames white supremacists from Amnesty International

2020.06.10 05:51 wulfrickson Insane narcissist spokeswoman for Black Lives Matter Denmark embarrasses movement in national media, blames white supremacists from Amnesty International

This is just a link and my translation of a hilarious article about a Black Lives Matter protest in Denmark. BLM Denmark's self-appointed spokeswoman is a Zambian immigrant and insane idpol grifter named Bwalya Sørensen (refers to ethnic Danes as "wypipo" and calls them murderous racists [like literally said rural Danes routinely threaten immigrants with firearms once], says that disagreeing with her is white supremacy, even led a "lock her up" chant at a politician she didn't like) who nevertheless the Danish media feels like they have to take seriously.
Anyway, TL;DR:
A group of high school students in Aalborg want to hold a rally in support of BLM protests in the United States, ask Black Lives Matter Denmark if they have any planned protests in Aalborg. After they don't hear back, they decide to organize their own protest in association with the local Amnesty International chapter. Then Sørensen decides to hold her own protest in Aalborg on the same day, blatantly lies that she had started planning a protest first, and calls Amnesty International white supremacists when they suggest that BLM Denmark postpone their own protest by a day (also blatantly lying about the fact that Amnesty International had offered to let her co-host a unified demonstration and she turned that offer down as well). Ultimately, the high school students and Amnesty International yield to pressure and cancel their own demonstration. When she's finally caught being dishonest, Sørensen says that asking her questions is white supremacy and so is having an opinion on police brutality if you're not black.
Article (skip to the "Straight-Up Lie" section for the good part, and there are a couple of good threads in /Denmark if you speak Elvish):
Inspired by the global protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, a group of high school students at Aalborg Cathedral school last week contacted "Black Lives Matter Denmark" (BLM-DK), the unofficial Danish support organization for the American group of the same name. The students wanted to ask if the group was planning a protest in Aalborg. But when a few days went buy without a response, the students, together with a group of student teachers, took the initiative themselves to organize a demonstration themselves against racism and police brutality, which would have taken place Tuesday, June 9 at 7:30 pm.
The students then contacted the local chapter of Amnesty International, which joined in as co-organizers. Over the last week, the arrangers got audio equipment and obtained demonstration permits from the municipality and the police. The arrangers have documented for Solidaritet (the newspaper this article is in) that on June 4, they invited Bwalya Sørensen, the spokesperson for BLM-DK, to speak at the demonstration.
But this invitation went unanswered. Instead, BLM-DK announced another demonstration on the same date, which would take place from 5 to 7 pm. So the chapter leader for Amnesty International in Aalborg, Hans Hyttel, went to BLM-DK on Friday, June 5, to ask them to move the announced demonstration to another day. He also said that Amnesty International would advertise BLM-DK's demonstration at the originally planned demonstration.
Hyttel justified his request by his fear of a chaotic planning process.
"We worry that having are two demonstrations on the same issue at the same time will cause massive confusion, as well as causing bad media coverage and an image of poor coordination. I especially think it could be a problem for you if you're only getting started now. But on the other hand, if there are two demonstrations each on a different day, then it shows there is persistent pressure and seems much stronger," he said in a message to Bwalya Sørensen, who later posted the message on Facebook.
Later on Friday evening, Sørenson asked for advice on a march route in Aalborg, and also asked for help on getting a sound truck. BLM-DK announced several times over the course of the weekend that they wanted to arrange a demonstration in Aalborg on une 9.
On Saturday, Bwalya Sørenson said on Facebook: "There will only be one BLM event; the other will be canceled in solidarity. Saturday afternoon, the Facebook event for the demonstration of 7:30 was canceled by its organizers.
Amnesty: "Very disappointed"
Hans Hyttel and Amnesty International's local chapter in Aalborg has organized many demonstrations throughout the years on Kristallnacht, for women's rights, for solidarity with refugees and against human rights violations. Hans Hyttel considers the now canceled demonstration as a natural extension of his work. This is why the chapter was quick to agree to help with preparations.
Hyttel did not want to be interviewed by Solidaritet on the process, but he sent a written comment:
"We planned the demonstration in good faith and in keeping with Amnesty International's goals on this subject. We are very disappointed by the process.
"Straight-up lie"
The spokesperson for BLM-DK told Solidaritet, on the other hand, that she was never invited to the original demonstration:
– Why did BLM-DK decide to have a demonstration the same day as a local initiative in Aalborg – which they had even invited you to speak at?
Bwalya Sørensen: "He's completely lying. We were actually first. What's racist here is that people are trusting him and criminalizing BLM.
But to lie – straight-up lie – and start a campaign of defamation because Black Lives Matter wants to have a" ... [pause for effect] ... "Black Lives Matter fight event. And so white people want to chase us away. This is white supremacy and racism, misogynist piggishness to put it mildly."
– Do I understand correctly that a group of high school students first contacted BLM-DK to hear if you had anything planned in Aalborg? And that when they didn't get a response, they took the initiative to organize a demonstration on June 9?
"No. I answered the students myself. I told them that it's important that black people lead the fight and that it remain a BLM event. They asked if we could co-host it with Amnesty. Amnesty didn't want to have us as co-hosts or speakers, but told us to go the day after and said good luck with that.
"So why do you think BLM should be bossed around by a team of white men? For what? BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! This is colonialist thinking and white supremacy, and it cries to heaven."
– Why is it better to cancel an already planned demonstration for George Floyd than to have one joint demonstration or two separate ones?
"As you read in private messages: it was not at all prepared. And we had announced on TV and radio several times that we would come Tuesday, maybe Wednesday."
– OK. So as I have understood it, did the high school students originally contact BLM-DK to hear if you had planned something in Aalborg? According to our information, a few days went by without an answer, and then they started a demonstration, which Amnesty International in Aalborg later joined.
"We have a volunteer who sat and deleted or archived the over 200-300 questions from Aalborg asking if we would come. They wrote that they wanted to put us together with Amnesty as co-host. I answered no, this is a black event for blacks and their white allies."
– Okay. But for a short time you called it a "straight-up lie." Maybe it wasn't?
"Amnesty has ONLY white employees. No one who's even half-brown [Hyttel's dad is a Muslim from South Asia, lol]. We CAN'T co-host this sort of BLM protest with them or others. But we were not asked. Again. Why can't Amnesty just back up?
– But why is it better to cancel an already planned George Floyd demonstration than to have one joint one or two separate?
"No black or brown people here in Denmark have experienced it [not sure what this means], and BLM wrote in an article that they gave up on Amnesty in 2015 because they talked past each other and they didn't understand anti-racism. Otherwise, they wouldn't push us away from our own event. This is OUR FIGHT. So I'll ask again, why doesn't [left-wing party] Red–Green Alliance hold a congress with [far-right] New Right?"
Solidaritet later received the message from Amnesty International in which Bwalya Sørensen was invited to speak at the demonstration. Sørensen confirmed that the received the message, but that she hadn't seen it then because it was in "Hidden Messages" in Facebook Messenger.
– Thanks for the reply. Yesterday you said it was a "straight-up lie" and the statement of a racist smear-mongering campaign when someone said that you were invited to speak at the original demonstration in Aalborg. What do you think of these statements now that you can see that you were invited, but the invitation was stuck in Hidden Messages?
"What has Amnesty ever done for the fight against racism in Denmark? What right do they have to steal an event that we have built with blood, sweat, and tears for five years? IF they were first, they should have stepped aside and backed up. We have 5 protests in 10 days. We need white allies. Not whites who steal the agenda."
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